TSUMUGI-DAY-SPA Japanese Public Bath in Yamanashi (English Version)

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User Guide (Room. Fee. Time.)

User Guide"Usage fees, hours of operation, will introduce spa component, bathtubs, and break room. You will feel familiar to TSUMUGI-SPA in Japan."

TSUMUGI-DAY-SPA Japanese Public Bath in Yamanashi Price, time, room, spa facilities guide Location information of TSUMUGI-SPA Event information in TSUMUGI-PUBLIC-BATH DAY SPA, At the center of the TSUMUGI-PUBLIC-BATH DAY SPA in Yamanashi JapaniR̓A艷‚ނ̓j

Rooms, etc.

Inner bath|TSUMUGI-SPA in Japan Open-air bath|TSUMUGI-SPA in Japan Walking bath|TSUMUGI-SPA in Japan Hall|TSUMUGI-SPA in Japan
Inner bath Open-air bath Walking bath Hall

Break room|TSUMUGI-SPA in Japan Corner of agricultural products|TSUMUGI-SPA in Japan Corner of the seal|TSUMUGI-SPA in Japan Corner of karaoke|TSUMUGI-SPA in Japan
Break room Corner of agricultural products Corner of the seal Corner of karaoke

Opening Hours"10:00 am to 8:00 pm (Reception open until 19:30 pm)"

However, the meeting room is available until 10:00 pm by the contents of the application

Closed Sun"Every Wednesday (In the case of holiday, the next day is Wednesday)," January 1st

Bathing fee

Current rates
Classification Up to 3 hours All day
Person outside the town Adult 400 yen 400 yen 700 yen
Children 300 yen 300 yen 400 yen
Person in the town Adult 300 yen 300 yen 500 yen
Children 200 yen 200 yen 300 yen

Infant is free of charge.
Walking-bath is available in the above rates.iPlease be sure to wear a bathing suit.j

Is being carried out "Campaign to support the power saving". During the campaign period will discount the price.(Until March 31, 2013)

Spring quality"Hot springs of chloride - sodium and calcium"

Effect on health"Neuralgia, Muscle pain, Joint pain , Frozen shoulder, Motor paralysis, Stiff joints , A bruise, Sprains , Chronic Digestive Disease, Hemorrhoid , Sensitivity to cold, Etc."

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