TSUMUGI-DAY-SPA Japanese Public Bath in Yamanashi (English Version)

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Access Map to TSUMUGI-SPA (Tourist information around)

Access Map"Google Map of driving directions is to TSUMUGI-SPA. Its location is 640 Kamogaritsumugi, Town-Ichikawamisato, Yamanashi, Japan."

TSUMUGI-DAY-SPA Japanese Public Bath in Yamanashi Price, time, room, spa facilities guide Location information of TSUMUGI-SPA Event information in TSUMUGI-PUBLIC-BATH DAY SPA, At the center of the TSUMUGI-PUBLIC-BATH DAY SPA in Yamanashi Japan(山梨の日帰り温泉つむぎの湯)
Navigation will be the location of the TSUMUGI-SPA located along the national highway 52 Line in Yamanashi Prefecture.
In addition, you will also be able to stroll sights and attractions in Yamanashi Prefecture together. Kyonan region to the position of TSUMUGI-SPA is located in the southern part of Yamanashi Prefecture, also from Fuji Five Lakes near Mount Fuji also famous as a tourist destination, it is also used as a drop of hot spring tourism.
As the final spot full of tourist attractions in Yamanashi Prefecture, Please use as a healing treatment of travel fatigue.

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